Small hiccups

For the last month, as I have pushed through some incredibly busy weeks at work and tried my best to be a socially responsible and active part of today’s current political climate, I have also been undergoing a significant medication change. Immediately, the new medication left me feeling exhausted. Even if I took it at … More Small hiccups

Coming Together

You will notice that the last update to this blog was November of 2015. Shortly afterwards the holidays hit, and not long after that shit hit the fan in a way that left my husband and I reeling for the rest of the year. We endured blow after blow of mental health issues, financial complications, … More Coming Together


“You can’t be on medication if you want to have a baby. Absolutely nothing.” My doctor said, turning her back to me to write on her prescription pad. “But I have OCD- how am I going to go through a pregnancy without medications?” I was taken aback, surprised by both her firmness and her flippancy. “We’ll … More Reeling


So life has caught up with me a bit this week, which means I am a bit behind on posting- but I’ll be sure to get some more posts ready to go on Sunday after I take a few days of much- needed relaxation. Xoxox!    -Sarah

Social Anxieties

This is going to sound terrible, but I panic when I receive party invitations in the mail. It’s not that I don’t love whoever the party is celebrating; in fact, it’s not even that I don’t want to go. I love my friends and my family, and I love celebrating their accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, babies, and all … More Social Anxieties


One of my biggest flags when it came to figuring that I had OCD was that I became incredibly superstitious at some point. It started innocuously enough; holding my breath when driving past cemeteries, not putting shoes on the table (which really just seems like good manners more than anything), knocking on wood. I didn’t … More Superstitions

Riding the Wave

I mentioned a few days ago my fear of depression, and tying into that is also my fear of being completely overwhelmed by my illnesses- mental and otherwise. Because of this fear, I’ve become completely obsessed with learning about healthy eating, exercise, sleeping patterns, and all that jazz. Of course, learning and practicing can be … More Riding the Wave

Finding the Line.

Last October I barely got off my couch for the entire month. I got up in the morning, went to work, came home, cooked dinner (sometimes), and then laid on the couch and napped or watched netflix or just sat there. I had no interest in doing anything. I didn’t care what I ate, whether … More Finding the Line.